Weekly Message 4/7/2020

Dear all – 

In the middle of this uncertainty and change, I went back to an Andy Stanley podcast in which he urges his listeners to take a step back and see what is going well. Our inclination (particularly me) is to radar in on anything that isn’t going well.  

Hence this last week, I was constantly amazed as our teams found balance between creating value for our customers and maintaining employee safety, as projects were launched, and customers served.   

This normal cadence kick-off meetings and maintenance calls is reassuring in the short-term, even if our 60+ day crystal ball remains very cloudy.     

We are a sailboat just now heading into a storm.  We will need to scrutinize every expense and habits in preparation to ride this storm out and emerge even stronger.  We are in business, just not business as usual.  

New Project Win

Kaena Point Satellite Tracking Station Remove and Replace Vehicle Barrier Project in Hawaii.  Great job Collin and Kyle and team!


The optional watercooler is today (Tuesday) @ 4:30pm.  We have had really good participation.  No agenda on this one. 

Photos Please!

Could you share pictures of your home office’s gym?   Or creative social distancing workouts?  Send to myself or Samm.  

This is mine.  A solitary evening ride has good baked-in physical distance (permitted under our state stay in place guidelines so far).   I am setting up my gym but it so far only has 2 x 5 lbs weights, a kettlebell, a hula hoop and a jump rope.

Caught My Eye

Picture by Michael Williams – Scott Osborne (SMS) doing some field fabrication at Oroville Dam, California. 


We can only control what we can control.  What we can control is our approach to safety, communication, bringing value, and preserving cash. 

I am grateful to each one of you for contributing your ideas, time and thought into how we succeed in each theme. 

I wanted to especially thank Anthony Baker, one of our advisors.  We had a virtual coffee call this morning where we drank coffee and shared experiences (particularly his experience in war-time crisis operations – micromanagement vs trust-based management) and I got to share my business library. The call (and others) helps keep me energized and able to refresh my perspective. 

Be safe and have a great day!

I am grateful for each one of you.