Weekly Message 4/20/2020

Dear all – 

It was a tough decision to have the Boise office go to a remote work status and furlough some of the fab team.  At that time, I hadn’t realized that re-opening the office would be an equally tough decision. 

The current game plan is starting April 27th to do a soft return to the Boise office, starting with our HR department and followed by our Finance team.  This plan is subject to change based on CDC and State guidelines.  We will communicate future return schedules as we can.  Any return plan will be discussed in advance with staff.      


The optional watercooler is Tuesday @ 4:30pm. This week, I thought I would share my bookshelves and discuss some books that have impacted me. 

Workout Challenge

Craig Jasmer is trying to do one hundred burpees a day. I did six in my office on Friday and I am trying for ten today.  You have to start somewhere…. 

Tiktok Video

You demanded a Sloan Tiktok video.  We heard you and here it is on YouTube…. (No, I am not dancing in this one.) ☺

Caught My Eye 

As we head into summer, the Sioux Falls NOSC Team brought cold and snow to Sioux Falls…


My mind often works in loops. 

This weekend, I used some of the time, to clean out my girls’ old school papers and look at old photos.  As Emma heads next to college, this time of housecleaning is bittersweet, but I use the past to appreciate the present and prepare for the future.    

When we first went into this crisis, we had discussed four themes that would enable us to navigate the crisis:

– safety (particularly employee, community and customer)

– create value, often remotely

– communicate frequently and often

– and preserve cash

To this, I would add – stay with our SCIIP values (safety, collaboration, integrity, innovation and professionalism). 

So far, I am proud that we so far have managed to succeed in this.  I have no doubt there will be more challenges ahead with opening back up the office, but by keeping to our values and our themes, we will succeed in navigating these complex challenges. 

Be safe and have a great day!

I am grateful for each one of you.


Brice Sloan

CEO & Co-Founder               

Sloan Security Group, Inc.