Monday Message 4/27/2020

Dear All –

It has been at least a month or more since I wrote about running… ☺

Last night, I ran some of Hard Guy trail, a tough Boise foothills trail with relentless vertical.

Afterwards, I noticed was there was no connection between my enjoyment of the trail with its views and water-crossings and the challenge of the steep trail. I could have challenge and still enjoy what I was doing.  

I enjoy watching a professional take on a challenge – the type that says – stand back – I’ve got this (and I want it!).  I want that to be my attitude.  Only for us, I would say – let’s come together and then everyone go get this.      

That said, challenges feel much better when we have sleep, our body is fueled, and our mind is clear.

Please take care of yourself!

Communication Updates

As we discussed, we will slow down some of our communication efforts.  .

– Watercooler on Tuesday as previous. No speaker this week.     

– Townhall isn’t currently scheduled until the end of May unless something comes up

– is still being updated. 

Please make sure to remain vigilant with checking temperatures!

Caught My Eye

Tantau Entry Gate Arms by Sean Sonderman (entering the Battleship Galactica)… 


“Life is 10% what happens to me, and 90% how I react to it.” – Charles Swindoll

Have a great and safe week! 


Brice Sloan

CEO & Co-Founder               

Sloan Security Group, Inc.

Weekly Message 4/20/2020

Dear all – 

It was a tough decision to have the Boise office go to a remote work status and furlough some of the fab team.  At that time, I hadn’t realized that re-opening the office would be an equally tough decision. 

The current game plan is starting April 27th to do a soft return to the Boise office, starting with our HR department and followed by our Finance team.  This plan is subject to change based on CDC and State guidelines.  We will communicate future return schedules as we can.  Any return plan will be discussed in advance with staff.      


The optional watercooler is Tuesday @ 4:30pm. This week, I thought I would share my bookshelves and discuss some books that have impacted me. 

Workout Challenge

Craig Jasmer is trying to do one hundred burpees a day. I did six in my office on Friday and I am trying for ten today.  You have to start somewhere…. 

Tiktok Video

You demanded a Sloan Tiktok video.  We heard you and here it is on YouTube…. (No, I am not dancing in this one.) ☺

Caught My Eye 

As we head into summer, the Sioux Falls NOSC Team brought cold and snow to Sioux Falls…


My mind often works in loops. 

This weekend, I used some of the time, to clean out my girls’ old school papers and look at old photos.  As Emma heads next to college, this time of housecleaning is bittersweet, but I use the past to appreciate the present and prepare for the future.    

When we first went into this crisis, we had discussed four themes that would enable us to navigate the crisis:

– safety (particularly employee, community and customer)

– create value, often remotely

– communicate frequently and often

– and preserve cash

To this, I would add – stay with our SCIIP values (safety, collaboration, integrity, innovation and professionalism). 

So far, I am proud that we so far have managed to succeed in this.  I have no doubt there will be more challenges ahead with opening back up the office, but by keeping to our values and our themes, we will succeed in navigating these complex challenges. 

Be safe and have a great day!

I am grateful for each one of you.


Brice Sloan

CEO & Co-Founder               

Sloan Security Group, Inc.

Weekly Message 4/13/2020

Dear all – 

Yesterday after spending several hours researching economic recovery models (still uncertain), I loved this quote from David Whyte that encouraged us “to use this time to re-imagine our horizons.” 

It is my belief that thanks to everyone’s hard work, we will come out of this stronger as a team than we went into this crisis.  If crisis reveals character, I am proud of what it is revealing. 

This is also the time to listen intently to our customers as how we serve our customers will likely change over the coming years.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this.       

New Project Win

We received notice that we are the apparent low on the King County (WA) Security Upgrades Airport Project.  We have also added a new Washington address to our office list.  Thank you – Craig!

Home Office Safety 
I wanted to share some home office ergonomic suggestion from my friend and designer Eric Shaver, Ph.D.  He is 6’8” so home offices are a challenge for him.


The optional watercooler is today (Tuesday) @ 4:30pm. This week we will feature former Navy Seal Anthony Baker (and one of our advisors).  He will share his story as well as take questions.  

More animal pictures

Here is Apollo (Michaela’s new co-worker)

Caught My Eye (Too low)

From our Dallas Ft Worth projects – our gate arm needs 30’ of clearance, but the bridge is at 18’.  Raise the bridge? ☺


Patty reminded me that we can also control our attitude.  I found myself short-tempered this weekend as so many things are uncertain – including how we celebrate my daughter Emma’s 18th birthday today. 🥳

Be safe and have a great day!

I am grateful for each one of you.


Brice Sloan

CEO & Co-Founder               

Sloan Security Group, Inc.

Monday Message 3/23/20

Dear all – 

It is Monday and we are still open for business! 

This weekend, I went for a 10.65 mile run.  I wished I could say I crushed it – I felt a little crushed trying to get out of the truck.  Still, I am walking and it felt really good to go explore the foothills and enjoy the sunshine. Life continues on. 

I wanted to share my priorities as we go through the ongoing COVID-19 virus crisis.


  1. Safety – Planning around COVID-19 as a workplace reality
  2. Communication – Finding ways to be transparent and keep many communication channels between all staff. Ie. our Microsoft Teams initiative. This is key to safety as well.
  3. Conserve cash – Greg and myself will take a 25% pay cut immediately; the fab team is going to a flexible mix of work time and PTO/sick team to maximize work without layoffs. 
  4. Continuing to Build value for our customers – Finding new ways to serve our customers and our community


If you haven’t already done so, please download the MS Teams for your laptop/phone – available in iOS/Android.  You will see a Sloan Team with several channels already populated.  In one tab, you will also see a place to report needs.  If you know of anyone that needs anything related to COVID-19, please list it there.  This is what you should see (your screen will differ somewhat).  There will also be a link to the page in the tab at the top.

A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated

You will use your Office365 credentials to log in the first time. 


Given how key IT systems are to our company and working off-line – please reach out to Cameron on Sloan Team/IT Questions.  He will host a daily 3pm call for anyone needing additional support.  

If you are interested, I will be hosting daily 4pm – 5pm watercooler talks on Sloan Team/Watercooler. More info will be forthcoming from Samm.  Everyone is welcome!

Social Distancing

Post your “social distancing” photos in Sloan Team/Watercooler.  This is our weekend backyard bonfire as Viviane will need to go soon back to Italy.



Needless to say, there has been a lot of stress recently.  In the course of two weeks, we have completely changed how we do business. Not to mention the family stress of unknowns, toilet paper hoarding, health concerns, social isolation, etc. 

Viktor Frankl’s book “Man’s Search for Meaning” talks about how to persevere in even the darkest times that he endured in the concentration camps.  As people died around him as they built a building with nothing but their hands, he worked with a friend to make sure they came up with one humorous story each day. 

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

At the end of the day, we choose how we will respond.  Let’s respond well. 

In the meantime, Sloan is working to keep business moving forward.  Thank you to everyone for your continued focus on work, effective communication, and caring for your teammates, our communities and our clients. We will get through this.

Our values got us here. They will carry us through this too.

Have a safe day! 


Brice Sloan

CEO & Co-Founder               

Sloan Companies