Sloan Security Group is your partner for perimeter security projects worldwide.

We deliver a variety of security barriers, access control, intrusion detection systems and most of all peace of mind.

The Sloan Team brings experience, knowledge and commitment to complete even the most complex projects. From the US Mexico Border to Arctic Missile Bases to Fortune 50 campuses and remote US Embassies, Sloan has proved its mettle on hundreds of installations.

At the core of our drive to deliver reliable solutions under any condition is a firm belief that Integrity Drives Excellence.

Find your Equipment

Generally, the procurement process is considered separate from the design and construct phases, because it normally begins during the design phase and continues through the rest of construction. This is because some equipment takes months to build and ship to the site, while other equipment may prove to be infeasible during construction.

Not only does equipment need procurement, but depending on the budget and time-frame more contractors might need to be hired.

Between our international web of partners and in-house manufacturing company, we can guarantee you will be using the most effective equipment solution for your circumstances. We also have experience working with a multitude of other construction contractors, meaning we can work with other firms of your choosing or recommend partners that have worked well in the past.

Safe, Secure Installation

Our team of professionals will install the equipment required by the design. Our experience, commitment, and dedication to safety insures your project is completed with timeliness and quality.

We understand our solution will not operate in a vacuum. Sloan Security Group will ensure our solutions work with preexisting infrastructure, other contractor’s work, and your personnel.

Ensure Quality

Once all equipment has been installed, our commissioning team will review everything that was installed. This process has several functions. Final connections for integrated control will be established and tested to ensure your critical security systems will work as planned. Tests will be done on all equipment to identify any issues that may have popped up. Overall, the quality of your security solution is ensured.


  • Security Design Consulting
  • Access Control Points
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Border Fencing/Gates
  • Crash-Rated Barriers
  • Barrier Maintenance
  • Access Control


  • Military Facilities
  • Embassies
  • Nuclear
  • Oil/Gas/Chemical
  • Air/Sea Ports
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Corporate HQ
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Entertainment

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