K-2C Fence Closures, El Paso Sector

SSG designed, engineered, fabricated, and installed, Border Pedestrian gates, Vehicle gates, and fencing.

Cochise County, Border Fence

SSG installed 10 Miles of Border Fencing despite “Emergency Scheduling” and various security, environmental, and weather concerns. We mobilized our project managers, crews, and equipment in two days; ultimately delivering 4.2 million lbs. of steel and over 15,000 yards of concrete on schedule within our 50 day deadline.

Automated Border Gate

Engineer, fabricate, and install large border gate with secure Click to Enter access Control.

Naco West Border Fence

This was a high-profile emergency U.S. – Mexico Border project that was completed under challenging conditions.

Border Physical Security

Sloan has been involved in border security since 2007 and has the experience to make your project a success.