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Project Title and Location New US Southern Command HQ Security Construction
Project Type Site security fencing, gates, automatic vehicle barriers, and vehicle crash barriers.
Project Description $300 million Design Build Contract for construction of HQ Facility to provide workspace for a staff of 4,000. SSG self-performed the installation of ornamental security fencing and gates, turnstiles, manual crash gates, vehicle cable barriers, and crash rated hydraulic wedge barriers./td>
Project Challenges Tropical thunderstorms, flash floods, extreme heat. Install a high security product that demanded a high degree of precision in order to be installed properly. Meet crash resistance requirements. Combining different types of fencing to meet budget/crash rating and appearance requirements. Safely completing project on time on a complex and secure site. High profile project with stringent deadlines and requirements./td>
Client US Southern Command
Contractor/Contact Information Hensel Phelps Construction

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