Project Title and Location San Diego Federal Courthouse Crash Barriers and Access Control
Project Type Crash Rated Wedge Barrier with Bollards and Access Control
Project Description Sloan Security Group provided specialized security equipment installation for Delta Scientific crash-rated bollards and RSSI barrier, as well as the controls.

This Gold LEED project received the 2013 Excellence in Partnering Award from the California AGC as the first Federal Courthouse built on time and under budget during since at least 1990.

Project Challenges Project was a 17 floor high-rise courthouse in a very urban environment with very small footprint for site work. Sequence of operations for the automated barrier systems was complex with multiple operational modes. Shallow mounted equipment was required to avoid utilities in some locations. Sloan contributed design assistance for scope of work.
Client General Services Administration and US District and Bankruptcy Courts
Contractor/Contact Information PM Justin Stratman – 619.906.4073

Hensel Phelps