Five Tips for Your Physical Security Project

Crash-rated barriers at Pope AFB

Whether you are building a new high security facility or need to upgrade an facility, here are five tips to remember when planning your next physical security project:

Diversify Your Team

To deliver a successful project, develop a multi-disciplinary team that has experience with similar type projects. This team would ideally consist of facility manager, integrator, engineers, designers as well as your maintenance and security staff. Manufacturers of specialty products may be included as well. Beyond Sloan Metal Solutions, our in-house fabrication company, we also partner with a wide array of manufacturers to provide the best solutions for your physical security project.

Consider Impacts on Other Systems

You may think of your perimeter security system as a stand-alone system consisting of a security barrier and intrusion detection system, but it is important to consider how it integrates with other systems like traffic signals,  camera systems, parking systems, access control, maintenance and building security/automation systems.

Understand the Threats

Take the time to understand the nature of the threats you face and develop at least three threat scenarios that are your greatest concerns. To develop these scenarios,  utilize recent events at similar facilities, direct threats to your facilities or neighboring facilities,  industry-wide concerns, and/or local police/regulatory authority requirements.   Analyze your ability to tackle each scenario. Understand the processes from detection, assessment, response and apprehension to analyze if it will be successful or not. If industry threats have been integrated into regulations, make sure that all components have been certified to meet that threat or regulation.

Maintenance is Critical

Don’t wait until the end of the project to think about maintenance. Begin planning your maintenance budget and procedures at the beginning of the project. Different types of systems have different maintenance requirements which may require an annual cost of up to 10% of the original installation budget.

Sole Source Components

If there is a particular security component you would like to incorporate, make sure it has been used in a similar environment and demonstrated adequate performance levels. As when you hire a new employee, seek at least three references from end users who have used that specific component in a similar situation to your facility. We keep a record of our past projects, both to demonstrate our reliability and give you a general idea of security solutions that have worked under a verity of circumstances.

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The Sloan Team