CEO Message 3/18/2020


Dear All – 

I am watching a wave of global developments impact Sloan at a speed that I have never seen before.  Typically, businesses are like battleships – slow and steady and plowing ahead.  This time we are needing to become speedboats – nimbly dodging waves while finding opportunities and protecting our people and business.       

Some of you may remember a book called “Who Moved My Cheese.”  The premise was simple.  These mice were running a maze when the reward (🧀) was moved.  Some mice became frustrated as they kept running back to the where the reward had been.  Other mice were excited by the adventure of finding cheese in new places. 

This feels like one of those times. In another surfing metaphor that I heard on a Tim Ferris podcast, you can be terrified and frozen on the wave or excited by the potential of riding the wave and the adventure.  The choice is ours. 

In the meantime, my goal is to communicate effectively and make the best effort possible to keep you informed. Please let me know if there is anything that I am missing.  💌

Townhall Announcement

– March 19, 2020 – 11am via Microsoft Teams.  NOTE: This is a remote only meeting.

– This will be opportunity to discuss the current COVID-19 situation and State of the Company

– if you have questions that you would like addressed, please email them by 3/19/2020 9am to Samm at

– There will be a separate Fab Team meeting at noon so we can space things out. 


Communication Channels

– one of the challenges of 2020 is how many ways we have of communicating (Facebook, Linked-in, text, email, Teams, and others).

– Our primary communication method will be EMAIL.  That said, we will try to keep Linked-In, Text (emergency only), Teams (Daily Coordination) and Facebook updated.   

Some Updates

– We built an internal webpage to try and keep folks up to date on various statuses (you will find this email there as well)

– We have moved coordination/communication over to Microsoft Teams for the Leadership Group.  We will be having daily statuses at 10:30am – 11:00am if you have anything you would like added to the agenda.

– All Bay Area work is shut down, however Buckley AFB, Oroville Dam, Shasta Dam and Dallas Ft Worth Airport (and some others) continue.

– Metals is cranking out projects. 

– We have a special offer to do remote troubleshooting at no cost on high security systems (see our website – – for more info).

Sick Leave/PTO 

– We are proud to offer sick leave and PTO – here is reminder on our policies.  Yes – we will enable people to use sick leave to help bridge down time. We will offer some more details this week.    

Current Work Status (3/16/2020)

Go to for updates

Tips for Working Remotely

I would add that looking at Microsoft Teams training would be very important.  This is a powerful and not always intuitive tool. 

Finally – I want to close with some good words from Tom Bosse after my last email (shared with his permission):

“I’m reminded of the little engine that could. There was some uphill chugging going on, lots of it. Difficult, as you can’t see what’s ahead. He kept chugging. Once at the top, he had a great view, he could see a long way. It was all downhill from there!”  -Tom at Sloan 

Be safe!


Brice Sloan

CEO & Co-Founder               

Sloan Companies