CEO Message – 3/16/2020


Dear All – 

Today has been exceptionally challenging day for not just our country, our communities, our families, but also Sloan.   I am grateful to you and our leadership team for leaning into the challenge of navigating COVID-19.  I am inspired by the grace, professionalism, good humor, flexibility and intelligence in your efforts! 

We had a good year in 2019.  We know it is going to be tough and that we are going to have to make sacrifices, but 2019 and your efforts have set us up to the weather the coming economic storm.    

Some Updates

– We built an internal webpage to try and keep folks up to date on various statuses (you will find this email there as well)

– We have moved coordination/communication over to Microsoft Teams for the Leadership Group.  We will be having daily statuses at 10:30am – 11:00am if you have anything you would like added to the agenda.

– We are aware that the Bay Area may requires folks to stay home.  We are tracking this issue as it impacts our work there.

–  All customers should have been contacted today by an email blast.  Please follow up with customers that may be impacted.  No schedule should be considered written in stone given the conditions.   

– You all should have received a text from Cameron that should say “(Test of emergency notification system)” which will enable us to send out emergency text updates to all Sloan Employees.

– Our updates page has best workplace practices for addressing COVID-19 if you have any questions.

Sick Leave/PTO 

– We are proud to offer sick leave and PTO – here is reminder on our policies.

Current Work Status (3/16/2020)

·         Fabrication team

·         Operating as usual at Melrose (Scott Weis is on vacation; 1/2 strength team)

·         Project teams

·         Working Remote

·         Bay Area (TBD)

·         Service team

·         Working Remote

·         Bay Area (TBD)

·         Systems/IT

·         Cameron/Derek will be working remotely

·         Cameron will be in the office on Wednesday

·         Accounting

·         Ryan W. will be in office Monday, Wednesday, Friday

·         New Staff Member (Teresa) onboarding Wednesday

·         Remainder of Dept is working remotely

·         Executive

·         Samm will be in office starting Tuesday – schedule TBD

·         Brice will be in office schedule TBD

Tips for Working Remotely

Finally – I know this is going to be challenging, but take a moment to stretch, go for a walk, and hug a loved one. 

Be safe!