Caught Being Safe

Miguel Macias at the jobsite

A few weeks back we congratulated Miguel Macias on receiving safety recognition from AC2.

Being intrigued, Brice dug a little deeper to find out exactly what this honor meant.

As we all know safety is important to Sloan and fortunately our customers and th
eir safety managers have the same philosophy. They constantly work with Sloan to identify appropriate safety practices.

So, this week we decided to talk about a successful “caught being safe” moment. Miguel’s actual award was “Outstanding and Safe Operation of a Reach Forklift”.

Here is a checklist along with awareness that should be completed anytime someone is operating any form of machinery.

• Pre-task Plan submitted and approved by the customer
• Equipment checklist completed and with operator for inspection purposes
• Carrying Operator certification for a reach forklift
• Rigging Device – Specifically designed for the site and certified to the load
• Tag lines used
• The area was barricade to keep pedestrians from intruding into area
• And of course…. He had his seatbelt fastened.

If ever in question don’t lift the load…. Stop and ask questions. This might take time away from a deadline, but if it determines the outcome of safe vs unsafe we are all successful with a little patience.