Box Cutter/Knife Safety

Box Cutter/Knife Safety

Keeping yourself and others around you safe from injury is a top priority when using box cutters in the workplace. Here are some safety tips to follow that will help ensure that box cutters are being used in a safe, efficient manner:

 Always cut in a direction away from your body.

 Many box cutters carry replacement blades inside the handle so it is important to be careful when opening the handle so as not let the extra blades fall out.

 If you drop a cutting tool, stand back and let it fall. Never try to catch it!

 Stay sharp! Sharp blades will cut cleanly through a box. Dull blades will tug and pull, which is more likely to cause hand slipping and cuts to your fingers.

 Cut away from your body with even pressure.

 Stay focused and keep your eyes on your work while using a box cutter. If you are interrupted while using a box cutter, put it down in a flat, safe place.

 Place your box cutter in their holder when not in use.

 Always pass a box cutter handle first and with the blade retracted. Like all tools, never throw a box cutter to a coworker.

 When cutting cardboard, extend the blade only to the thickness needed to cut the cardboard. This not only prevents damage to items inside the box, but also improves cutting leverage.

 Wear cut resistant gloves. Cut resistant gloves will not prevent all cuts from occurring, but will minimize the potential for injury when used properly.

The Right Tool for The Job

The most common cause of accidents in the workplace when dealing with box cutters occurs when employees use standard knives and then become distracted. In this situation, the employee usually loses focus and will then cut themselves either on the leg or forearm with the open blade. In today’s work environment, there are many choices when it comes to selecting safety cutters, each with its own safety benefits. Safety cutters available today feature fixed guards, covered blades, in-handle blade storage and even depth guides depending on the thickness of the box you are cutting. Features like these not only help protect the user from the risk of injury but mitigate the potential for damage to the merchandise inside the boxes as well. The impact of using safety cutters to the company bottom line is undeniable…not only lowering the risk of injury and lost workdays for employees but saving the company potentially millions of dollars due to damaged merchandise from improper cutting.