Michelle Letourneau

Michelle Letourneau Joins Sloan Security Group as HR Manager

Michelle Letourneau
Michelle Letourneau
Human Resource Manager

We’re pleased to announce that Michelle Letourneau, formerly of Engineered Services Inc., (ESI) has joined Sloan Security Group as Human Resources Manager. Michelle spent the past 14 years in the Construction Industry where she’s held various leadership roles over the years, most recently in Human Resources.

As Manager of Human Resources at Sloan, Michelle will lead employee recruitment, retainment, development, and compliance.

Since joining the Sloan team early in the COVID-19 pandemic, Michelle has already played a key role as she quickly developed and implemented Sloan’s communicable disease policy, as well as supporting Sloan’s remote workforce.

Michelle is an active contributor to many local and national organizations. She’s an active member of the Society for Human Resource Management Advocacy, where she’s advancing public policies through legislative efforts. She passionately serves as a member of the American Cancer Society, and also participates in various board supporting roles for local high school sport clubs.


Sloan Security Group Names Hank Vincent to CFO Role

Hank Vincent – CFO

Sloan Security Group is pleased to announce that it has promoted Hank Vincent to Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Previously, Hank served as Controller for Sloan. Hank plays a key role in Sloan’s financial success on both a technical and leadership basis.

As CFO, Hank will enable Sloan to strengthen its commitment to financial excellence and data management.

Hank’s leadership reaches well beyond Sloan. He recently led a national roundtable discussion for the Construction Financial Management Association where he serves on the Board of Directors for the State of Idaho. Hank’s also a Certified Public Accountant and serves on the Exam Writing and Marketing Committees for the Institute of Certified Construction Industry Financial Professionals (ICCIFP).

Prior to coming to Sloan, Hank spent nearly a decade in public accounting at a national accounting firm where he specialized in construction accounting. He has led national trainings on revenue recognition, percentage of completion accounting, and construction accounting basics.

Hank is a graduate of the University of Idaho and lives in Boise with his wife and two young children.

Sloan in Japan

Cameron, Emilee, and Craig in Japan
Cameron, Emilee, and Craig in Japan

The Sloan project management team visited Japan for Koei barrier training. Sloan was recently selected as the first US-based installer of this best of class barrier system.  Koei had been specified for an US Embassy project.  We are very pleased with this new partnership.

Founder Ed Sloan comes out of retirement

Ed OSU Distinguished Engineer AwardWe are very pleased to announce that Founder Ed Sloan has come out of retirement to become SSG’s Sr. Project Manager.  Ed was recently inducted into Oregon State’s Academy of Distinguished Civil Engineers and will manage projects out of the Santa Clara office.

New Office in Santa Clara

May 12, 2106 Very pleased to announce our new Santa Clara regional office at 2971 Mead Ave., Santa Clara, California 95051. This office will provide regional support for our California projects.

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