Anthony P. Baker

Anthony P. Baker Joins Board of Directors

As a part of our goal to continue Sloan’s role as an industry leader in physical security systems, Sloan Security Group is pleased to announce the addition of Anthony P. Baker as a member of our advisory board.

Anthony P. Baker
Anthony P. Baker, CAPT U.S. Navy (retired)

Anthony Baker recently retired from a 26-year career in the Navy SEALs. A native of Annapolis, Maryland, he graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy with a B.S. degree in 1993. He completed Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) Training in 1994 and earned his M.A. degree from the Naval War College in 2007. He has worked in over 50 countries, including multiple 6-month deployments to Europe, Africa, the Pacific, and the Middle East, leading small and large teams as front line supervisor, manager, and operations director in the full spectrum of peacetime contingencies and combat missions.

Anthony was the Director of the Naval Special Warfare Basic Training Command in Coronado, CA from 2010-2012, leading the selection, training and qualification pipelines for all Navy SEALs –also known as BUD/S.

While assigned to Headquarters, U.S. Special Operations Command in Tampa, FL from 2012-2016, he was the Program Manager for all Navy SEAL Boats and supporting systems, overseeing 11 projects and a $500M budget. He was then promoted to Captain, and assumed the role of Senior Director, Joint Acquisition Task Force TALOS, building a diverse team and leading the development of a next generation combat suit prototype while pioneering innovative, rapid acquisition processes.

Anthony completed his final assignment in Stuttgart, Germany where he served as the Senior Executive Director of Special Operations Command EUROPE from 2016-2019, leading over 2500 personnel operating throughout Europe.

He moved Boise, ID with his family in the summer of 2019, and started a leadership consulting business after officially retiring in September 2019.

Lower Security Costs by Completing a Threat Vehicle Vector Analysis

Threat Vehicle Vector Analysis is just one of the design services that Sloan offers. Due to its specialized nature, we offer this explanation to help clients understand the role it plays in security design, and, most importantly, its ability to reduce project costs.

In short, vector analysis determines the minimum crash rating required at each location on the project’s perimeter. This crucial information forms the basis for an effective security design and is obtained by calculating the maximum impact energy possible at those locations. 

For example, suppose roadway geometry and vehicle dynamics at one site show that a 45 mph perpendicular impact is possible. This high kinetic energy impact requires a very well thought out design. Whereas a 20 mph, angled impact would impart less energy and require lower crash ratings resulting in lower costs.

Figure 1: Example Vector Analysis

The drawing in Figure 1 is an example of one such analysis.

By shaping a design to reduce maximum speeds and impact angles it is possible to lower costs and increase a perimeter’s effectiveness.

If vector analysis is so important what information is required to begin?

  1. What is the threat vehicle (e.g. car, SUV, heavy goods truck)?
  2. What areas or assets need to be protected (e.g. front entrances, gathering areas, critical infrastructure, iconic locations, etc.)? This determines where the crash-rated perimeter will be located.
  3. What type of threat is to be mitigated; accidental impact or intentional attack?
  4. What are the possible routes of the threat vehicle?  This may require a vehicle path analysis, which is another service that Sloan offers.

Based on these parameters a thorough vector analysis will determine the minimum crash rating required at all points on the perimeter. This crash rating can then be used to choose the right solution for each point ensuring that security solutions are not over-designed nor under-designed.

Using this approach based on foundational information and proven methodologies produces a security design which is both effective and efficient. The Sloan team of security designers works together to ensure that no possible threat vector is missed or miss-calculated taking into account wrong-way approaches, multiple approach strategies including (insider threat and deceptive approaches) to provide a very complete analysis you can rely on.

For more information, please contact for more information on how we can analyze your sites. 

Sloan Security Group delivers peace of mind for clients with critical physical security requirements.

SSG Wins Idaho Technology Council Award as “Innovative Company of the Year”

Sloan Security group is please to announce that it won the “Innovative Company of the Year” category in the 13th annual Idaho Innovation Awards.

Organized by Stoel Rives LLP since 2006 and with Trailhead and the Idaho Technology Council,, the program recognizes innovative projects, professionals and companies throughout the state of Idaho.  Please see this link to the official press release.  

Other 2018 awardees included:

  • Commercialized Innovation of the Year: MultiGrip Workholding by VersaBuilt Robotics – quick change vise jaw system
  • Consumer Product of the Year: Ammon Fiber Optics by City of Ammon – City-owned and operated fiber optic infrastructure 
  • Early-Stage Innovation of the Year: Continuous Fiber 3D Printing (CF3D™) by Continuous Composites – 3D printing continuous fibers that embeds functionality with fiber optics and copper wires creating a part that can sense and react to environmental stimuli 
  • Innovator of the Year: Tracy Lotz, Founder and CEO, LiveRez – a pioneer in a number of advancements in the vacation rental space, from online advertising to online bookings to cloud-based management software.

San Fransisco 49er QB Steve Young was the keynote speaker.  

The innovation award was accompanied by this video (no sound).

SSG won the runner-up Innovation of the year award in 2016, for it’s work in Doppler radar animal detection systems. Additionally, SSG holds several patents for innovative barrier systems and its vacuum excavation innovation has revolutionized excavation in Sub-Arctic Alaska.

Established in 1991, Sloan Security Group is an industry leader in providing total life cycle perimeter security solutions from design, build to maintenance that address clients’ security requirements.

SSG CEO Brice Sloan accepts the innovation award.