Sloan Security Group is committed to being on the leading edge of safety and safety practices.  We have ongoing training to keep our employees and customers safe and updated on best safety practices.

Because many of our customers are unfamiliar with best safety practices, we are releasing many of our internal educational safety topics and various safety practices.  Please note that these posts are for Sloan internal use and should not be used without consulting OSHA guidelines or manufacture’s best practices.

Communicable or Infectious Disease Control Policy

Sloan Security Group (or SSG) and subsidiaries will take proactive steps to protect the workplace in the event of an infectious disease outbreak.

Staying in Shape

Keeping in Shape Staying in shape is one subject that is rarely discussed when safety is the topic. However, a person …

Rebar/Impalement Protection

Rebar/Impalement Protection Steel reinforcing bars, or rebar, are a common hazard on construction sites. The thin steel bars can stick out …


PPE PPE stands for personal protective equipment which we use in our daily work activities. OSHA gives employers responsibility for ensuring …


Backs Have you ever given much thought to your back? It’s there when you need it, but only if you don’t …

Working Safely in the Rain

Working Safely in the Rain Employees working in the rain face additional hazards, such as poor visibility and wet, slippery surfaces. …

Protecting Against Trench Cave-Ins & Collapses

Protecting Against Trench Cave-Ins & Collapses  Why Does a Trench Collapse Occur? Soil is normally kept in place by the pressure …

Why is Health Important?

Why is Health Important? When we are talking of health, it is not just about a healthy body but also about …

Guide to Personal Fall Arrest

Guide to Personal Fall Arrest Falls are among the most common causes of injuries and deaths in the workplace, totaling an …

Key Points

  • Experience Modifier Rate (EMR) – 0.7
  • All Project Personnel have OSHA 10 Certs
  • All Project Managers have OSHA 30 Certs
  • In-House OSHA Certified Trainer
  • Weekly Safety Meeting
  • Daily Safety Plans