Established in 1991, Sloan Security Group, Inc. delivers award-winning designs, installations and maintenance for perimeter security. Sloan is based in Boise, Idaho.

We believe that our success is based on our adherence to a bottom line that starts with the purpose of “securing trust.”  

Given that our installations can be the difference between life and death, we take this commitment seriously.

Family is also critical to our work culture.  As a family-owned business, we treat employees, suppliers and our customers as a part of our extended family.  This will mean a personal relationship that extends from the sale to the installation to your maintenance program.

Finally, we believe that at the core of our success is a commitment to safety.  We are committed to maintaining a drug-free, safety-focused workplace.  All employees goes through extensive background investigations and must be eligible for applicable site clearances.

Timeline detailing the evolution of the Sloan Companies

Did you know?

That according to Smith and Wesson’s SEC filing, Sloan is one of the top 5 specialty security construction companies?

Did you know that much of the eventual US border fence design was based on Sloan’s work with Boeing at “Fence Lab.”   In particular, we came up with a nested mesh design that was less expensive and more difficult to breech.

Did you know that Sloan has several patents on innovative barrier designs?

Did you know that Sloan Security Group has a metals division?  Sloan Metal Solutions designs and builds aluminum, stainless and mild steel projects.  They are a full-service fabrication shop that also builds custom gates and architectural stainless bollard caps for the security industry.

Brothers_Dad_ForestryPicSloan started out in forestry.  They would hike miles to pile slash and diseased trees.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), changing world prices for lumber forced Sloan into a different business, which led to its current security business.